Return of the Saiyan

Mission Name:Zeni Exchanger
Reward:Zeni Exchanger
Required level:50
Monsters you may meet on the road:Kiri, Golden Kiri                                                                                                                                                   

Zeni Exchanger

We fly southwest from the main city. We need Kinto to fly “across the water”. Then we enter the hole and go as in the map above along the way killing Kiri.


When we reach the place marked on the map, we have to use Zanzoken to get to the other side. Then we set 3 Gold Ore, 3 Amber and 2 Zeni as on the screen and click on the stone in the middle. After clicking it will take us to the room with the prize and the Boss.


Go right until you get to the place in the picture at the top. WATCH OUT FOR THE LADDER, DO NOT ENTER! – this is the exit from the quest. To receive the reward we have to sacrifice 1 Zeni and 7 Amber – as on the picture. Next we go left. Be careful, there is a Boss – Golden Kiri.


We defeat the Boss and collect our reward. Zeni Exchanger turns Zeni into Dollars for us.

*To exit this room you must climb the ladder on the right.