Return of the Saiyan

In the game, we have two options to train our skills. Today we will discuss the first of them (the second is described here), formal training of skills in a particular room for this purpose, which can be found in every city under the name of Gym.


In every city, you will find a Gym where you can train.

In the game, we have different skills that we can train, and each class has marked in green those most essential for it and that we should teach first.

Exp Boost

In the game, we have a unique system designed for players who have less time to play and do not want to stand out too much from others. The system is only for players who have a Premium Account. One minute charges us 10 minutes if you are offline and 8 minutes online in PZ. We get 50% more experience for the first 2 hours of the game and 10% for the next 2 hours.


Increases our chance of dodging. One point gives us a 0.15% chance of avoiding, so ten levels give us a 1.5% chance of avoiding physical damage. Dodges do not work with spell or skill damage. It is trained by dodging blades on a unique grid.

Movement Speed

Increases our movement speed. The more Movement Speed we have, the faster we move in the game and on Kinto. Our rate is also dependent on the ground we are moving on.


Fishing is trained by using the Fishing Rod on the water. For every skill level, our chance to catch something increases by 1%. We need to have a lure with us, which is a Worm.

To catch something, we need Fishing Rod, which we buy from Npc Poshy and Worm, which we also buy from him or get by hunting monsters.

Sword&Fist Fighting

It increases our attacks from the weapons we use. We train it by putting on a sword or gloves depending on what we want to teach. To improve this skill, we have to hit a jumping dummy.


It increases our damage of techniques based on KI. We can train it anywhere we want simply by using techniques.


Responsible for reducing damage, where 1 point equals 0.2% Damage Reduction, so every 10 points of defense reduces the damage we receive by 2%, which applies only to physical damage. Damage Reduction does not reduce the damage received from techniques. Defense is practiced by playing a simple game: knocking down the ball and flying to the protection field.

Attack Speed

Attack Speed increases our melee attack speed. We train it the same way as a Fist or Sword, with the difference that here we have to put on the Bands item. We put it on instead of a weapon and have to hit a popping dummy. During training, each of the Bands has its limit. How much we can train, the better, the bigger it is.

Four Bands are available in the game, the weakest of which we can get by doing Dummer Duel missions.

The rest of the Bands we can create from Npc Bulma, bringing her the suitable materials.