Return of the Saiyan

In the game, while exploring, we will encounter excavations that appear everywhere on Earth at level 0. If we have a shovel, we can dig them up. Every time we dig, we have a chance to get Rotten Treasure Chest, but we can also get other things like Truffle, Bone, Dino Bone, Gold Ore, and Seed, but we also have a slight chance to get Dragon Ball.


While digging the excavation site, the shovel we use plays a critical role. There are four types of shovels in the game, which we can get in different ways. Each shovel differs in the number of uses and digs time which is:

Wooden Shovel 4s, Shovel 3s, Platinum Shovel 2s, Golden Shovel 0.5s

Note: Golden Shovel increases the chance of digging up Treasure Chest by 25%

Wooden Shovel

The worst shovel will make it for us, Bulma. After bringing the suitable materials, it has five uses.


We can get it from a couple of missions or ask Bulma to make it after bringing materials. It has 20 uses.

Platinum Shovel

A pretty good shovel with 50 uses but doesn’t increase the chance of finding a crate. It will make it Bulma after you give it materials.

Golden Shovel

The best shovel in the game, you can use it for a month without a limit, and it increases your chances by 25%. You can buy it in the store for 300 gems.

Types of Chest

After finding the excavation site, we have a chance to dig out the Rotten Treasure Chest. We can open it with Chest Renovator, which we can buy from Bulma for 800 zeni. After using it, five types of chests can fall out from which different rewards are flying, from everyday items to the most expensive jewelry in the game. To open them, we need a unique key for each type of chest. They will be created for us by Bulma if we bring her the necessary materials (more information here).

Note!! From each crate, we can get jewelry, items and additionally pearls. The better the chest, the better rewards we can get. From Diamond Chest, for example, we can get Dragon Ring, Golden Pearl and Demon Armor 3x Tier 5

Statistics - Chance

Below I’ll stir up a personal statistic from the opening altogether 28 428 Rotten Treasure Chest.
12 130 Bronze Chest: 42.66%
11 714 Silver Chest: 41.20%
3602 Golden Chest: 12.67%
853 Platinum Chest: 3.00%
129 Diamond Chest: 0.45%

Modern Military Compas

In the game, we have a unique compass that shows us within 40 grids where the digs are. After we dig them, they disappear, and we can use the compass every 30 seconds. We can get the compass by doing missions, Hunter Squad.