Return of the Saiyan

A form of training where we train all skills simultaneously, we can enter it when we have level 50, Ticket and 540 Stamina. The maximum time we can spend in it is 20 minutes, which equals 600 points of our Stamina, which decreases 2x slower, so in practice, we spend there not 10 minutes but 20 minutes. In Time Chamber, we train all visible skills, not only those most important to us, but their growth is slower than if we were introduced usually. To enter the Time Chamber, we need to buy a ticket, which we can buy from Mr. Popo. Every Monday, after the server reset, we can buy 3 Tickets that we can use during the week. If we forget to use up the ticket, it is not lost, but we can have a maximum of 5 Tickets.

Korin Tower

To get to the Time Chamber, we must first visit Korin Tower, as it is above it that you will find the Kami Palace, where you will find the Time Chamber.

Kami Palace

After reaching the very top, we can meet Kami and Mister Popo. From Kami, we can buy a Blessing, and from Mister Popo, we can buy a ticket to the Time Chamber.

Time Chamber

The entrance is located on the lower left floor. To enter, we need a Ticket, which we buy from Mr. Popo, and we need to have 540 Stamina and level 50. After entering, we just have to stand below the stairs, and the character will train us and throw us out automatically when we run out of Stamina.


We will buy it, and Mr. Popo, next to Kami, can always buy it at the beginning of the week after the reset, Monday. 3 Tickets cost us 100 Zeni x Our Level.

Warning!!! We must be level 50 to Train.