Return of the Saiyan

The game has an Event consisting of a team fight in the following possible Combinations: 2 vs. 2 – 8 vs. 8. We can join the event using a separate window. It will be displayed 10 minutes before the start of the event. After that, we can join it by clicking Sign in at any time during the countdown and anywhere on the map. After accepting the willingness to participate at the moment when the countdown ends, it will take us to a unique arena designed for fighting (It will not take us if we are in the middle of a fight with another player). Fights take place every day at the designated time: 02:00, 09:00, 15:00, 20:00, 23:00 Polish time.


The rules are simple we have two teams, Blue and Red. They will assign us to one of the teams. Then we have to kill as many people from the opposite team as possible and not let us be killed too fast. As for additional rules, there are a couple:

1) You must be level 80 to participate in combat.
2. it is not allowed to leave the computer during the fight or intentionally let your friends kill you.
3) The fight lasts 10 minutes and ends at the end of that time, or when one of the teams reaches 350 points.
4. fights are divided into 2 level groups to make them fairer: 80-149 Level and 150+ Level
5) To make fights fairer, players will be moved to the lowest level bracket of their group, i.e., 1 Group will be 80 Level, and two groups will be 150 Level.
Senzu is not consumed during battle (except for high-class Senzu beans, esenji, and giant senzu beans)
7. glimmer appears 3 minutes after killing him
After entering the arena all positive and negative statuses disappear.


In the middle of the map, you will find Glimmer, you can attack him whenever you want and as many people as you wish, for killing him you will get 30 points, but be careful, because the points are given to the person who strikes the last blow.


In the event each kill of the opponent gives us 5 points, and killing the Glimmer gives us 30 points, we win if our team scores 350 points or time runs out, and we have more points than the opposing team.


For winning the fight, you will get on bracket 1 80-149 level 2x Black Pearl and on rack two 150+ level 2x Blue Pearl. Also, in the event of winning, you will get PVP points. So for winning, you will get from 90 to 120 points.
For losing in battle, you will receive bracket 1 80-149 level 1x Black Pearl and on rack two 150+ level 1x Blue Pearl.


For winning the event, we receive PvP Points, and the points have a ranking that we can check on the Return of the Saiyan website. After obtaining good points, we can be given a special Rank, visible next to our character name. There are five ranks from the lowest D, C, R, H, and S. The higher we are in the ranking, the better rank we have. There are also three statues for:
Best PvP Player
The best PvP Guild
The Best PvP Player of the Month.


Each PvP Rank has a special reward at the end of the month. Depending on our rank, we will get different tips.