Return of the Saiyan


There is a unique in-game reward system for Watching or Streaming. We can connect our RotS Account with our Twitch Account and earn special rewards while Streaming, which are described below

To start Streaming and getting rewards from it, you need to log into your Rots account and link your account to Twitch. To do this, you log into your account, and at the very bottom, you click Get Rewards, which will take you to your Twitch Account login. Once you’re logged in, you can move on. 
The rules are:
  • To start reaping the benefits, you need an account with one character of at least level 50.
  • To start Streaming, you need to pass the Verification procedure (you have to write to the administration in PW).
  • You can stop Watching or Streaming at any time, and the time will continue to count when you resume.
  • You can receive the Twitch Box on any character you want from your account (on which you have watched and met the requirements)


We have two opportunities to get special prizes, Watching and Streaming each fly separately, but that doesn’t stop you from getting two prizes by doing two things. 

Twitch Box

During Streaming and Watching every 15 minutes, we also have a chance to get a Twitch Box, from which various prizes and even a unique Heal Skin are flying.
While watching, the only requirement is to be Active to avoid being kicked from the Stream. It is best to write something on the Chat now and then.

Remember: the Twitch Box is not a guaranteed prize, so that we may get 4 in an hour, and it will happen that we may not get any for an hour.