Return of the Saiyan

Pilaf Saga

We will start the saga in the desert, and actually, in Pilaf Castle, this villain is trying to collect 7 Dragon Ball, and we have to stop him, and for this, we leave the southern exit of the city and head east. After crossing the bridge, we will see a giant castle and head to the eastern part of the castle to the entrance.

Labyrinth Part 1

Once inside, you will find a maze on the ground floor, where there are many levers, and you have to switch the right one to unlock the passage to the stairs to the upper floor. First, we hit the lever, visible in the picture below and on the wall, making a passage for us.

Labyrinth Part 2

In the next part, we have to properly walk ahead to bounce off the walls, as seen in the video below.

Labyrinth Part 3

Here we have to move the barrels accordingly to stand on the main grids that activate the passage onwards.


In the end, we will have to defeat Pilaf he is not a demanding opponent.

Red Ribbon Saga

Now we have to defeat General Silver, we will find him walking west from the north exit of the city near the monkeys. After we beat him, we look for a monkey willing to talk to us, and we tell him about the Dragon Ball; after a while, a wolf will appear, and our task is to defeat him, and in return, the monkey will give us a Dragon Ball with one star.

General Silver

Muscle Tower

We now go to the ice area, the passage we will find above the eastern town. But, first, we have to visit Suno there; after a short conversation, we continue past the village in the northern direction until we see a large building resembling towers.

After reaching the tower, we enter the floor. We have the first opponents in front of us; we have to defeat 4 Red Ribbon Soldiers; the floor above waits for us, Sergeant Metallic and even higher Murasaki Ninja. When we reach General White, he’ll attack us with Buyon, his favorite beast, which we have to defeat, and it won’t be easy; you have to watch out for his special attack because he can hit.

General White

After defeating the beast, we can finally face the white generally; during the fight, it turns out that he is not a demanding opponent, and we quickly defeat him. After the fight, we get the second Dragon Ball.

Master Roshi

We now need to go to the island of Master Roshi; we can get there in 2 ways, the first is to go to Umigame, which will take us directly to the master’s island, and the second is to get on the kinto and fly. When we arrive, we inform him that we need to use his submarine to look for Dragon Ball, which is underwater; of course, he agrees to our request, and we head towards the underwater depths.

After descending from the submarine, we will find ourselves in a cave full of skeletons; after defeating them, we go further until we reach a fork; straight-ahead we will see a button which will open a passage on the left (under no circumstances go left!!), a piece further on we will have to fight a huge underwater snake. At the end of the cave, we will find a passage that will take us out to the other side.

After going through a couple of tunnels you will get to a room with a lot of skeletons, so be on your guard because they can be very dangerous in a group. Head west and get to a passage with a ladder.

After going down the ladder, we will have to defeat the Pirate Robot; if we succeed, the wall will move away, and we can move on.

We go further into the cave, and after a while, we come to descend under the water, we fall into it, and there we find the third Dragon Ball we have been looking for.

General Blue

After finding the third Dragon Ball we go in search of General Blue. He is already waiting for us in the cave’s depths, be careful because he is a challenging opponent.

After defeating the general, we can collect our prize, but beware, there is a trap hidden in one of the crates!!!

After taking the reward, we return to Master Roshi; after talking to him, we find that General Blue is alive, and we need to stop him again. We see him on the island east of Master Roshi’s islet.

Once we arrive, a fight with General Blue awaits us.

General Yellow

After defeating General Blue, it looks like another person is plotting against us, General Yellow. You will find him not far from the Korin tower.

General Yellow will attack you as soon as he sees you so be careful!!!

Tao Pai Pai

After defeating General Yellow, you will face a fight with Tao Pai Pai. You have to be careful because he will attack you immediately after defeating General Yellow, so it’s best if you step away for a while and prepare for another fight!!!

After the fight with Tao Pai Pai talk to Upa. Maybe he can help you in the next fights.

He will tell you about the Holy Water you can get at the Korin tower and go there as soon as possible. You will find Korin above Camp Upa

You will get the holy water above Korin, in his tower.

As you drink the Holy Water, you will find that you are much stronger. Time for another fight with Tao Pai Pai. He is waiting for you under the tower.

As soon as you get down, get ready to fight.

Commander Black

Defeating Tao Pai Pai is an incredible feat, but it seems that this is not the end of the problems. We will have to go to Red Ribbon Castle to face another opponent.

Upon entering the main base, we must find Commander Black. He is not a challenging opponent.

During the fight, Commander Black will use a special outfit created for him by eminent specialists, be careful as he can now strike.

You managed to defeat Commander Black and obtain another Dragon Ball, but another one will be a problem, and you have to find Urunai Baba.

Urunai Baba Saga

After talking to Urunai Baba, it turns out that she knows the location of Dragon Ball, but she won’t reveal it to you until you defeat her warriors. Your first opponent is Dracula Man.


To defeat him, you must have the Garlic Necklace with you, which you must wear on your person.

Suke- San

You must pour the water you find next to him, then you can defeat him.


The challenging opponent has a lot of hp and strong punches.


A strong opponent, but not more potent than the previous one by that much.

Grandpa Gohan

A familiar face, but I think it is the weakest of all.

Mai, Shun, Pilaf Robot

After defeating all the warriors, we will face robots piloted by Mai, Shun and Pilaf, you have to be careful because they will attack as soon as you get close, but luckily they will attack one by one, starting with Mai.

After beating all three you will get the last Dragon Ball.

Attention!! By completing this mission, you have all the Dragon Ball needed to summon Shenlong.