Return of the Saiyan

Mission Name:Rubio Help
Reward:Possibility of Selling Jewelry
Required level:50
Monsters you may meet on the road:Namekian, Namekian Warior                                                                                                                                               

Rubio Help

To do this quest we need a premium account and level 50 because we need to get to Namek.

We start with Rubio (he’s next to the NPC from Daily Task – Professor Tusk)

Rubio asks us to bring him 30 Bronz Ore, 20 Silver Ore, 10 Gold Ore,3 Platinium Ore and 1 Ruby.

Then we have to go to Namek to Escargo.

Road to Escargo


After a short conversation we learn that we have to help him get the amulet.


Now the hardest part. We must get the 8 parts of the amulet that are scattered around the maze. Below is the path to each piece.

This is the last part of the amulet. Now we have to go back to the beginning of the maze.

We return to Escargo and he gives us a License for Rubio as a reward.

With the license back to Rubio from now on we can sell jewelry at his place.