Return of the Saiyan

Mission Name:Rangers Duty
Reward:Military Backpack i 10 Military Canned Food
Required level:0
Monsters you may meet on the road:snake, grizzly, poacher                                                                                                                                                       

Rangers Duty

We will start the mission from one of the officers who can be found in a hut northwest of the northern exit from the city.


After arriving and talking to him, we learn he has set up traps around his hut.


Ranger Walker asks us to remove the five bear traps he left behind. They are located around the hut, and all we have to do is click, wait for the bar to load, and Poacher will appear. We kill him and look for another trap.

Trap Removal

When we remove all five traps, we return to the Ranger Walker, and he gives us a Military Backpack and 10 Military Canned Food in exchange for help.