Return of the Saiyan

Puar can be purchased through the in-game store or from another player. It is beneficial during the whole adventure in the game because it collects items and money that fall from monsters. It drops them into our backpacks, but it also allows us to sort these items and check their value. Puar in the game for 30 days costs only 420 gems, and if we buy for 90 days 1100 gems, so we will save a lot of cash if we decide to buy it for longer, and it gives several benefits that I will describe below:

1) Puar Raises items and money for us
2. we can see the value of the items we have picked up.
3. we can sort the items we pick up and choose which backpack to put them in.
4. we can set the value from which we want to pick up the items, so we save space in our backpacks.
5. we save time we would waste picking up items from the ground and sorting them.

Skin - Appearance

In the game, we can change the appearance of our puar by purchasing unique stones that will change the appearance of our helper. Most of them can be purchased through the Shop, and there are excellent promotions now and then, and some skins can be bought for much less money, so look out for opportunities!

Skin in the game distinguishes us, and we can boast to our friends about the fantastic pet that follows us.

We can change the look of the puar in Wardrobe and we can change it as much as we want.