Return of the Saiyan

Looking for others to go hunting together plays a vital role in the game. The game has an auxiliary system that allows you to look for mates to play together without leaving town, and it is called Team Search. This system can be found under the character window on the left. It is marked with a T. The benefits of having more people in the Party are described here.

After clicking on it, we will see two tabs. On the left are people looking for people willing to hunt together. We can see their class, lvl, nickname and a note on which you usually write what kind of monsters you would like to pursue. On the right side, we can see the finished groups, which lack a particular person in the whole group because, as is widely known, the best and most effective way to hunt in a team of different classes. We can join the party by clicking the green plus next to the name of the character, the same way, by clicking the second button, we have the option to write to the person.

By clicking on the Join button, a window will open in which you can describe what you would like to do, whether you want to go hunting, do a Task or go on a Quest.


W grze system party ma swoje ograniczenia poziomowe, aby dodać kogoś do grupy lub, do niej dołączyć musimy się mieścić w przedziale poziomowym danego gracza. Różnica może wynosić 1/3 twojego własnego poziomu. Czyli osoba na 100 poziomie może dołączyć do grupy, która posiada max. 133 Poziom, a najniższy w grupie nie może mieć mniejszego niż 66, po dołączeniu do Team Search nad naszą nazwą postaci będzie widoczny przedział poziomu, do jakiego możemy dołączyć.

The game’s party system has level restrictions. To add someone to the group or to join it, we must be within the level range of the player. The difference may be 1/3 of your level. So a person at level 100 can join a group, which has a max. After joining Team Search, you will see above your character name the level range that you can join.


When joining a Party, players cannot attack each other and do not deal any damage to their group members, even from area spells. Dende, for this, can heal the group and individual members. A group can consist of up to 9 players, so for every additional person, we will make a tear. People in the group with you have a visible P. next to their character and the leader has a golden P.


While completing quests or shuffles in the game, we will encounter obstacles in the form of a certain number of bars, which can divide us as much as changing the floor will make it difficult to gain experience or pass the killed monsters. The difference between the bars can be up to 30 SQM.


1. you can switch people in a group with the TAB button