Return of the Saiyan

Another event in the game is the Monster Zone. It consists of surviving waves of monsters, but do not worry. To make it easier, the system will connect us with other players of a similar level range. We can join the event using a separate window. It will be displayed 10 minutes before the start of the event. After that, we can join it by clicking Sign in at any time during the countdown and anywhere on the map. After accepting the desire to participate at the moment when the countdown ends, we will be transferred to a unique arena for fighting (We will not be transferred if we are in the middle of a fight with another player). Monster Zone takes place every day at the designated time: 00:00, 03:00, 07:00, 13:00, 18:00, and 21:00 Polish time.


The rules are simple, they will assign us to one of the teams, then we must not get killed and survive to the end.


The event lasts 7 minutes, and during it, we will be attacked by waves of monsters. Their number and type depend on our level and the number of players participating in the event with us. Waves appear regardless of whether we killed the previous one or not, so hurry up to kill all the monsters, so there are more and more of them!!!


During the event, a boss appears, depending on the arena, he has a different color, and our task is to kill him before the event ends. If we deal enough damage to him, we will be rewarded with an extra crate and a chance to get a new cougar.


Depending on our level, there are different rewards. The rewards in the event are Chests and money. In addition, each bracket gets an additional bonus; the higher the level, the better the reward.
Reward Ranges:
10-25: bronze chest, 1 000 zeni
26-40: bronze chest, 1 500 zeni
41-65: silver chest, 3 000 zeni
66-90: silver chest, 5 000 zeni
91-130: golden chest, 7 500 zeni
131-170: golden chest, 10 000 zeni
171-220: golden chest, 15 000 zeni
221-270: platinum chest, 30 000 zeni