Return of the Saiyan

In the game, we can meet the so-called Mimic Chest. These are special boxes that we can meet when fighting monsters. Mimic Chest can appear anywhere where there are monsters and can occur anytime.

There are ten types of Mimic Chests, and they differ in appearance, HP, Strength and attacks.
The weakest is Wooden Chest, and the strongest is the Haunted Chest.
The better the Mimic Chest is, the greater the chance of items falling out. The higher the level of the Mimic Chest, the higher the possibility of having a higher Tier in articles.
To have a chance of getting loot from a Mimic, you need to deal damage to him equal to 10% of his maximum HP.
The chances for item bonuses are the same for each Mimic and his level, so a Wooden Mimic from Lord Yao has the same chance of getting three rewards as a Haunted Mimic from Devil.

The chance for a Mimic Chest to appear is random, so it depends on luck what kind of Mimic he will appear to us. Mimic’s level depends on where he appears, so if he appears on Drums, he will be level 35, and if he appears on Crystalscythe Devils, he will be level 480. The higher his level. The harder he will be to kill!!!

Note: It is not recommended to beat the Ancient and Haunted Mimic solo.


As a reward for defeating Mimic Chest, you will get from 0 to 4 items with random hidden bonuses. We can get three things 1x Tier 1 and 3 items 3x Tier 5. The chance for a better Tier increases with Mimic level, so when we beat Mimic on Bandits, we have less opportunity for a good item than Undead Soldiers.
Below you can find table about Less and More DMG:

1 – 99 Level = Min +10 Levels Max +90 Levels
100 – 199 level = Min +5 Levels Max +85 Levels
200 – 299 level = Min +0 Levels Max +70 Levels
300 – 399 level = Min -5 Levels Max +65 Levels
400 – 800 level = Min -10 Levels Max +60 Levels

So when we kill a Mimic Chest at level 350, we can get LESS and MOR on mobs from level 345 to 415