Return of the Saiyan

With its help we can change our character class at any time. Up to level 149 it doesn’t cost us any money, and we will have 2x the exp until we reach the same level as our main character. From level 150 it will cost us 1k for each level and 1 Fire Opal for every two levels.


You can always change back.
Skills are recalculated automatically after the change.
Stamina each class has a separate one.
Each character has a separate Blessing, and Future Energy.
Implants and Pills are one for all classes.
After switching, you have Exp 2x until you reach Main Character level.
Up to level 149, the use of Medical Machine is free. From level 150 it costs 1k per level and 1 Fire Opal for every two levels.
It’s still the same character, so missions and tasks are common.


To enter the Medical Machine, we can’t have any equipment on us, so it’s best to leave everything in the depo first. After entering, we will see a window with a choice of characters we can change to and the one we are currently playing.


It is located in the main city of Depo. +1.