Return of the Saiyan

You can find it in the Depo in every city. After clicking the capsule, you will see a few options, one of which is the market. We open it by clicking on the Z icon. We’ll deposit the money we use on the market in the ATM, which can be found in a few places located on the map of larger cities.

When we click on the marketplace, a window will open up where we will find many different features, which I will describe below. At the top of the page, we will see three tabs: Offers, Details, and My Offers. They are responsible for current offers, item details and our offers on the marketplace.

In the upper right corner, you will find our bank account balance, which we will use.

Note: Each listing on the marketplace costs us 1% of the price we want to sell for.


If you want to create an offer, click the button marked with the Create Offer arrow!!!
1. these are the categories where you can find all the items that are in the game
2. in each category, we can choose a specific item that we are looking for.
3. you will find here offers for sale of the item you are interested in and the latest offers added in the game.
4. Current purchase offers of the item offered by players.
5. Search engine.
There are options for sorting items by their rarity or Tier (more information here).
7. bonuses that are available in the game (more info here).


Here you will find information about the item, but also statistics on the sale of the item in the marketplace, which means that you will be able to see at what price players usually sell the item and at what price they buy it.

1. Item name.
2. Description of the item and its bonuses.
3 Item sale and purchase statistics.
3.1 Number of transactions
3.2 Highest price
3.3 Average price
3.4 Lowest price

My Offers

This is an overview of our offers and a history of our buying and selling transactions. You can withdraw our offer using the Cancel Offer button.

1. Current offers
2. History of our transactions
3. Auctions issued by us, you will find here the quantity, price, as well as the date of the end of the auction
4. Our offers to buy items

How to place an offer

After clicking the Create Offer button, we will have a couple of options to choose from:

1. Select the number of items and their price per single item.
2. Select if you want the auction to be anonymous (if you don’t, you will be able to see who is auctioning).
3. Here will be the expected profit and the commission you will pay for listing the item.

Finally, we click Create, and our offer is ready.