Return of the Saiyan

In-game, we can upgrade our jewelry to level +1 to +3; we can upgrade our jewelry at Npc Rubio, which we can find, going towards Professor Tusk. Of course, we can upgrade any jewelry in the game, but the better it is, the higher cost we will pay.

Upgrade Process

To upgrade we need a few things, for the very beginning we need to have 3 identical items of the same level. Another important thing is the chance of success, the more we want to upgrade to a higher level, the smaller the chance of success is. When upgrading we need money, Fire Opals and ingredients (trophies), which Note: increase the chance of success. Below you will find the price of the jewelry upgrade. In case of failure we lose one of the 3 items.

Upgrading is usually a lottery, which is not when we will suck our funds hard.

Low class jewellery:
+1 – 0 zeni 
+2 – 0 zeni
+3 – 0 zeni

Medium class jewellery:
+1 – 5 000 zeni 
2 – 10 000 zeni 
+3 – 20 000 zeni

High class jewellery:
+1 – 50 000 zeni
+2 – 150 000 zeni
+3 – 300 000 zeni

Unique class jewellery:
+1 – 150 000 zeni
+2 – 500 000 zeni
+3 – 1 000 000 zeni

Chances of Good Luck

To increase the chance of success, we need to add ingredients (trophies from monsters) during upgrading, it can be anything, but the maximum is two types and 100 pieces of each. We must add enough of them to make the chance of success glow green. It will mean that we have reached the maximum possible chance of improvement. The system recalculates for us the value of the items we need, and below it gives the required trophy value of which monsters we need to put in to reach the maximum bonus:

Value of Ingredients
– 20 000 zeni 
+2 – 48 000 zeni
+3 – 72 050 zeni