Return of the Saiyan

One of the nagging questions of new players is how fast other players execute. Why does someone conquer levels so fast, why do I make so little experience? Today, I will try to describe how to effectively conquer levels without sitting on the game for 8 hours a day.

1. Rethink your character choices

At the very beginning, we have to decide what character we will play, our choice will have a massive impact on our later development. When choosing a character, we should consider the following factors:
1. Will we play solo or at a party with other colleagues?
2. do we prefer a riskier level gain with a higher chance of death or a more stable one with slower progress?
3. How many resources will we have at our disposal from the beginning of the game?
4. what equipment will we have from the beginning.

1. If we plan to play solo and have low financial decks and do not have good equipment at the start of the game, then I recommend taking Vegeta or Goku
2. If we want to play alone, but have a larger financial base and good equipment at the start of the game, I recommend Trunks or Gohan
3. If we prefer to play in a party and will have someone to play with, but do not have much experience, and cash, then I recommend Picollo or Buu.
4. if we like to support the team and have colleagues who will want to play with us, and we are not afraid of challenges and like a game with thrills, then we can choose Dende or Bulma.

2. Before you go exp, prepare accordingly

Before going to exp, it is best to prepare in advance to make our non-expedition as effective as possible. It is advisable to bring with you such things as:

1. Senzu Beans High Class in case of problems to use in a crisis situation (It’s best to set them to a separate button for yourself) – To be obtained from Team Fight Event, Seeds.
2. First aid kits, which heal 60% HP and 50% Ki, can be used every minute – Can be purchased from Hunter Squad.
3. Pilli set, I recommend Wiseman +15% exp, Scholar +6% exp, and Ironside + 30 Defense – To be bought at +1 Depo for Capsule Coin
4. Camera and Film Reel increases exp by 2% – To buy from Npc Poshy (He also sells backpacks).
5. Military Canned Food, 5% HP and KI Regeneration, and +2% exp – To buy from Hunter Squad.

It’s also worth looking for a broken antenna and picking up a Commander, which gives a +10% exp for 20 minutes.

Counting this way, we can get, having Stamina + 85% more exp.

3. Choose the right party

One of the most important aspects in the game is the selection of the party, to exp effectively in this game, unfortunately, you can not do it alone, and the selection of people can not be random either. Each class in the game gives a different bonus:

DPS classes give us +20% more experience              Tank classes give us +25% more experience.
 Half-Tank classes give us +30% more experience Support classes give us +50% more experience.

The current bonus that we have in the party is visible in the Team window, to have the maximum bonus we must have 4 different classes in the party that is Tank, Half-Tank, Dps, and Support. Only in such a party do we activate the maximum bonus and 4 balls glow green.

The basis of the party is definitely Support, because it gives the biggest bonus of experience, of course, if we are not able to create a party with four classes, then we can go to another, only then it will not be as effective. Each additional same class at the party lowers the experience gained.


Fazendo você Dungeon o calabouço no nível 410 terá 2500 de experiência para o monstro.
Se fizer uma Dungeon no nível 410 com 435 Goku, 430 Picollo, 425 Bulma, terá 6800 experiência para o monstro.

4. Use Stamina wisely

You will achieve the greatest efficiency as you use the extra bonus, Stamina while doing daily activities such as Dungeon and Robotic Island. It is in these places that we are currently able to get the most experience per hour. We can have a maximum of 2 hours of bonus Stamina and we should spend the first-hour doing Dungeons and Robotic Island.

Robotic Island

We can only stay on the island for 30 minutes every Global Save, and we should make the most of this time, as we currently gain a lot more experience on the island than in other places, so it’s worth stocking up on exp-boosting items and going in a well-matched team for those 30 minutes. Depending on the unlocked part of the island, we can gain more experience, so it’s a good idea to have all areas unlocked.


Currently, we are able to get the most experience when doing just Dungeon, if we go to it, in a well-chosen team then we will get a lot of experience. The amount of experience for each monster depends on its level, the higher level it has, the more experience we will get. The level of the monster is determined based on the average level of your party, so the higher level your companions have, the more experience we will get.


On average, one Dungeon takes 10 to 15 minutes to do, so it’s a good idea to look for a broken antenna and take a Commander before starting it, and if the people you do it with have a much higher level than yours, you will get a lot of experience!!!

5. Do the Daily Task

The higher level we have, the less experience we will get for each monster we kill, because the Exp Stage changes from time to time, so the higher level we have, the more beneficial it is for us to do Daily Task, which consists of killing a given number of monsters. The experience we get for a Daily task depends on which monster we choose and its quantity and the higher level we have, the more powerful monsters we can take. For example, I give a pair of monsters with a big difference in levels:

260 Ghoul = 293.800 XP
300 Volcanic Oozaru = 1.125.00 XP
270 Crystalscythe Devil = 3.240.00 XP

When doing the Daily Task, Exp Stage doesn’t matter, so the higher level you have, the more advantageous it is for you.

Daily Tasks for killing monsters are currently two, one on Earth, the other on Future Earth

6. Strengthen your equipment as much as possible

It is not a well-known fact that equipment has a very big impact on the speed of gaining levels. The better equipment we have, the more damage we will inflict and the less damage we will receive. Therefore, as far as possible, it is worth having more than one set of equipment, especially for situations when we will have to hunt alone, for example, being a tank, then we will need additional weapons that will increase our damage.

7. Join the Clan and reap the benefits

It’s worth joining a clan in the game, especially if you don’t have a large group of mates, but would like to reap more benefits from the game. Just having a Clan provides the player with benefits in the form of bonuses and Guild Boss, but also by cooperating with other members we are able to gain levels much faster.


Depending on the number, of bonuses unlocked by the Clan, we can choose for ourselves 3 bonuses that we can have activated simultaneously. The greater the level of enhancement Clan has, the greater the benefits we will reap.


Here there is a lot of dependence on Clan, some are willing to share items and others are not. Certainly, in this game, a big advantage is given by items that increase damage and reduce damage. On your own, it’s hard to collect all the monsters in the game such items so it’s worth sharing with others.