Return of the Saiyan

We end up here when we fall from the path of the snake after death. We can also get here using Urunai Baba, which will transport us here for a small fee. We find many much more powerful monsters than we can meet in other places.


The map of Hell is quite large and we have to be careful how we move around it, because the strongest monsters in the game are located here. To get out of here, you must go to Dabura and tell him where you want to move.


There are two ways to get here, the first is to die (I don’t recommend this method), and the second is to talk to Urunai Baba on the ground. For a small fee of 1000, Zeni will take us to Hell.

After reaching Urunai Baba, we tell her that we want to move to Hell, after which we pay her 1000 Zeni.


The only NPC we find on Hell can take us to King Kai.