Return of the Saiyan

Mission Name:Green Kiri Village
Reward:Leaf Necklace, Leaf Belt, opcjonalnie: Diamond Chest
Required level:130
Monsters you may meet on the road:Kiri, Green Kiri, Golden Kiri                                                                                                                                                     

Green Kiri Village

We start missions on hidden Kiri respawns, as seen below.


After reaching this place we need to lay down 2 zeni, 3 gold ore and 3 amber as in the screengrab below.


Once inside, we have to use Zanzoken and click on the fountain.


Then head to the northeast of the room.


Pour the water out of the bucket as shown in the screenshot, and when the water dries up, use a pickaxe in the same place.


Then we must use the knocker that is in the tomb.


Now we go to the room to the north, and there we use a pickaxe on the cracked earth.


When we fall inside, we have to twist this “thing”.


Then go to the room in the southwest, where you need to water the plant with a bucket of water.


We go to the south room and, standing on the flowers, as in the screengrab below, write “peace” until a stone appears on the water. We jump on the stones using Zanzoken. Unfortunately, we have no luck and we get thrown back into the south room.

Note: We need 2 people here


Head northwest and collect the four-leaf clover that will bring you good luck and return to the south room to jump over the rocks once again.


We did it! We have passed, now we can go collect the prizes which are: Leaf Necklace and Leaf Belt.

To leave we use plants on the wall.

Bonus Reward

BONUS: Diamond Chest!

To claim it we must be in this location within the first 10 minutes of the server restart. After that the grass will become overgrown and we will not be able to claim the reward.

Jump to the rock and continue west.

Then there is a mushroom in the corner, using Zanzoken, we can get to it and collect the reward: Diamond Chest.