Return of the Saiyan

This is an alternate version of earth far removed in time that has been heavily destroyed, and most people have been slaughtered. We can find here monsters that are a more robust version of those known to us from the normal earth, and they have more life and give more experience. By killing monsters here, we have a chance to get Future Orb and Future Orb High Class.

Note: Killing monsters that are needed for shuffles gives us dual credit.


All the cities on Future Earth are destroyed, so you won’t find any NPC here. Only the Depo works so that we can use it.

Road - Time Machine

The only way to get to Future Earth is through the Time Machine, located near the Hunter Squad camp. To travel with it, you need a level 90 Premium Account.


  • To enter Future Earth, you must be level 90 and have a Premium Account.
  • Killing on Future Earth is allowed and unlimited. Every player killed gets 50% of their Future Orb, and every monster can give us Future Orb.
  • There is a separate protection system, so Blessing from the ground doesn’t work here
  • Monsters give you more experience and loot.
  • After death, we lose all charged Future Orbs and appear in Emradel.
  • Killing monsters Task here are doubled.
  • Every now and then, a World Boss Cell appears here.

Boost Items

On Future Earth, our items are upgraded by Future Energy depending on our fill, and the maximum possible bonus is 30%. However, Boost cannot increase our compensation beyond the maximum value whether we have a normal max. or not. We charge a premium with Future Orbs, and the more charge we have, the bigger prize will be.

Future Orb

From every monster we find on Future Earth, we can get Future Orb. Up to level 399 of the beast, they fly ordinary; above this level, we can get High Class. We can use them as Blessing, sell or exchange.

Protection - Blessing

We can protect ourselves from death by using orbs to charge our Future Energy, for every Future Orb we get 1 energy and for High Class Future Orb we get 2 energy. If you fill up the orbs to the maximum possible value (it depends on your level), you will only lose 20% of the experience, but be careful, because if you die and you are not charged to the maximum, you will lose 3% of the total experience minus the amount of percentage reduction that the orbs give you.

Note!!! At Emradel, we can also buy additional protection of 10% experience for 5 000 Zeni * our level.


We can do three daily tasks, buy extra Blessing, exchange Future Orb and Single Cell, and buy Future Orbs from him. You can find more information about him here.


The map does not differ much from the usual land, and the location of the monsters is 80% the same. There are no penalties for killing here, so we must be careful at every step because we enter at our own risk.