Return of the Saiyan

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You can get it for completing missions for Umigame, but you must be level 30, more info here.

In the game, you can use Senzu to heal yourself, which you can buy from Korin in his tower; for more information, click here.

You’ll start them at pilaf’s castle, more info here.

To buy something at the market, you need to deposit money in the bank through the ATM that you will find in town. More information here.

You can dig them up with a shovel and create one and NPC Bulma. You will also find a couple on missions and one Gold you can buy in the store. More information here.

You will start them at +1 Depo at NPC Professor Oak, more info here.

Puar collects for you automatically the items that fly out of monsters and gives you the option to segregate them, more information here.

You can exchange them for a ticket to Robotic Island, more information here.

The ones that glow green for you, more info here.

It can only be found on the ground on level 0. It can lie in closed spaces (tunnels, buildings, caves, etc.). Sometimes it is hard to find it when it lies behind a tree. More information here.

Attack Speed is trained using Bands. More information here.

You need to go to your disk, go to the folder “RoTS,” and from there, delete the files “minimap.otmm” and “base.otmm”

You must have completed a mission with Rubio. More information here.

You must be level 70+ and have a premium account. If you meet both conditions, you can start bidding for one of the available houses (you can check them on the auction board). The auction lasts four days, and the person who wins the auction becomes the house owner. It is worth noting that the fee, the so-called rent, is daily and is 500 zenni/1 SQM (you can check the price by clicking on the “look” on the door). You bid on the auction board, which is available in every DP. Preview picture below

!leavehouse – when you want to leave your house (after using this command, all the items you had in the place will go to the depo, and the house will be available for buying again).

!invite – a window pops up where you enter the nicknames of players who can use your house.

!owner – also pops up a window where you enter the nicknames. A player’s nickname (after SS)  will also appear next to yours as the owner and is visible when clicking on the door. Only in this case do you give the person the ability to manage the house (can offer, take away invite + open all doors and use the stairs).

!kick – if someone locks your door and you are not the ovner of the house, the only way to leave it is to use this command. After using it your character will appear under the door.

!roomowner – with this command you give a player the possibility to use the given room in the cottage.

You can lock them by clicking on them and selecting Lock. If we want to sell them in the future, click Unlock

You can get to the underground with the Dimension Portal and the entrance is located east of the main town, more information here

Robotic Island can be found in the same place where we do the shuffle. We get there after doing the first two shuffle rooms, more info here.

You need a level 50 and a ticket which you buy from Mister Popo, more information here.

This is an Alternate Earth version. We can enter there from level 90 using Time Machine. More information here.

Currently, you cannot lose your backpack in the game unless you load the Red Flame.

I would choose Goku or Vegeta to start the adventure.

There are a few options in the game to speed up your experience. More information is here.