Return of the Saiyan

We get experience in the game for performing Task, Quest, and Daily Task once just for killing monsters. Currently, the maximum level available in the game is 435.

The level we gain, the experience multiplier decreases (exp rate), as detailed in the table below.

Level RangeExp Stage
1 - 102
11 - 201.9
21 - 301.8
31 - 401.7
41 - 501.6
51 - 551.5
56 - 601.4
61 - 651.3
66 - 701.2
71 - 751.1
76 - 1001
101 - 1200.9
121 - 1300.7
131 - 2700.5
271 - 2900.42
291 - 3100.35
311 - 3300.3
331 - 3500.25
351 - 3700.2
371 - 3900.15
391 - 4350.1

How to get more experience?


If you have a premium account, for the first two hours of Stamina (from 240 min to 120 min), you get 50% more experience.

The other two hours (from 120 min to 0) give only 10% more experience.

Stamina regenerates when we are offline – 1 energy every 10 minutes or one point every 8 minutes when we are in PZ (for example, in a hut or depo)

Attention! When completing missions in the Hunter Squad for the 7th mission, we will get a special watch that, once every 24 hours, will renew our 15 minutes of stamina.

Implant & Pill

Special permanent and temporary upgrades are available in the game called Implants and Pills. We can get them by performing Tasks and getting Capsule Coin, which we can later exchange for the items shown below.

Wiseman Pill +15%

Scholar Pill +6%

Wiseman Implant +5%

Scholar Implant +2%


We can buy it from NPC Poshy for only 5000 Zeni. It gives us 2% more experience when it is turned on. To turn it on every time we need Film Reel, which we can buy from NPC Poshy for 100 Zeni.

Note: When we have the camera on, other players can watch our game on TV.

Camera +2%

Antenna - Commander

Commander is a Helper that gives us +10% more experience and lasts 20 minutes. We can get it by repairing antennas.

Event Items

We will get them during Events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter.

They give different experience values, and the time we have to use them differs from each other.

Team Bonus

If we are in a team with different professions, we get a bonus to experience. There are four classes:









DPS classes give us +20% more experience

Tank classes give us +25% more experience

Half-Tank classes give us +30% more experience

Support classes give us +50% more experience


1. Vegeta + Gohan = +50% more experience

2. Vegeta + Dende = +80% more experience


Some of the food we can get in the game also gives us a bonus to experience. Usually, it is 2%.

We can get food in different ways, one we can buy from Hunter Squad, another we can do by exchanging Cranberries and another during the Event.

What is the maximum experience bonus we can achieve?

If we play alone 103%.

Stamina (50%)+Wiseman Pill(15%)+Sholar Pill(6%)+Wiseman Implant(5%)+Scholar Implant(2%)+Kamera(2%)+Commander(10%)+Jedzenie(3%)+Przedmiot Eventowy (10%)