Return of the Saiyan

The main map on which we move in the world of Return Of The Saiyans. We can meet various characters here, as well as a lot of monsters. We can also find here a few cities and a few smaller villages.


Map with the most important places we will have a chance to visit during our hike.


  1. Umigame, it starts the Pure Hearth mission, for which we will get Kinto to fly.
  2. Unai Baba, thanks to which we will move to Hell.
  3. Korin Tower where we can buy Senzu.
  4. Kami Palace, a place where we can buy Blessing and Time Chamber, is located here.
  5. Village with Npc Xorel, where we can sell Trophies from monsters.
  6. Pilaf Castle, where we will start the Saga storyline.
  7. Time Machine, thanks to which we will move to Future Earth, level 90 and Premium Account required.
  8. Hunter Squad is an organization from which we can start a series of missions.


An inventory of the cities we find on Earth.

East Capitol

Central Capitol

North Capitol

South Capitol

West Capitol