Return of the Saiyan

The second Dungeon we will face and the number of people we can enter it with is a maximum of 8. To start a Dungeon, we need level 60, and we can do it once a day, with every server reset. It has 4 levels of difficulty and to start each next one we must have completed the previous one. The more difficult the stage, the more experience and better rewards we can get, but the difficulty level during combat also increases, so it is recommended to do each above Easy in a group.


  • Required Level: 60
  • Maximum Number of People: 8
  • Time Limit: 40 Minutes.
  • Difficulty Level
    Easy: normal
    Medium: +10% drop chance
    Hard: +20% drop chance
    Extremely Hard: +30% drop chance


While selecting, we can see what kind of main rewards we can get for passing the Dungeon. The higher level we have and the harder difficulty level we choose, we can count on better rewards.

After entering the Dungeon, a list of tasks we have to do to complete the Dungeon will open, for each completed task we will get 20 Ug Tokens. In addition, we can get a random amount of them while defeating monsters.

Collecting 5 Secret Files + 20 Ug Token
Destroying 57 Incubators + 20 Ug Token
Defeating a Boss +20 Ug Token

Boss Box

During the clash in the Dungeon, we can meet 5 different Bosses, for defeating each one we will get a Box, from which we can get various rewards such as Zeni, Equipment, Food, Jewelry, Pearls, and Chest.


Below we can see the UG64 Dungeon map along with the marked Bosses.

Note: The exit from the Dungeon is located where the Main Boss is.

  • Green Marker: The place where we start.
  • Red Marker: The place of the Main Boss.
  • Blue Marker: The place of Additional Bosses.
  • Yellow Marker: The place where the teleport to the Additional Boss appears.
  • Orange Marker: The possible place where the Secret Room appears.


Note: You will read here how to pass Dungeon UG64, so if you don’t want to spoil your fun then read no further!


After we start, we are given three missions to complete:

Collecting 5 Secret Files 
Destroying 42 Incubator 
Defeating the Boss

Secret Files

Secret Files, they are scattered randomly all over the map and everyone has to collect their 5, they are easily visible and you just have to click on them to get us credit.

While traversing the map on our way, we will see flames that inflict a lot of damage; in order to disable them, we have to click the computer standing next to us.


Destroying the 42 Incubator would normally take us a long time, but there are barrels scattered all over the map that explode when clicked, so just place them in the right spot and walk away a bit further, as they also do a lot of damage to us.


The last task is to kill the Boss, he is quite specific because he has a shield that we have to take off before we can deal damage to him.

During the fight, he will have protection, which we must get rid of with poisons that can appear randomly in one of the four places marked below.

After it enters the poison, we will be able to deal damage to it.

Additional Boss

As we explore, chances are we’ll be presented with an opportunity to wrestle an Extra Boss, two of which can be found behind the ventilation shafts.

We can get to one using the Teleport, which may appear to us at the beginning.

Note: After the fight with the Main Boss is over, we may be presented with the opportunity to move to the Secret Room where another fight awaits us!