Return of the Saiyan

In the game, we can find a particular dungeon system called Dungeon. We can enter it from level 40 alone or in a group. During the battle, we can gain experience, items and Ug tokens, which can be later exchanged for prizes in the store. Dungeons are a few, and below you will find a list of current ones to do.

Note: During a battle you can die at any time, death is the same as on normal ground except that you only lose one protection Pve, but you cannot enter the Dungeon again!!!


We can enter the Dungeon with the help of Npc. Agent J. who can be found to the right of the depo in the main town. 


During the conversation with Agent J. we have a choice of a couple of Dungen and next to each one you can see the reward we can get.


Here we can find items such as Capsules that positively affect us for an hour and other things and Bio sets. Bio set items have random Tiers, but we can choose our Bonuses.

Ug Token

The currency in the store is Ug Tokens, which we can get during the clash in the Dungeon and by completing individual quests.