Return of the Saiyan

In the game, we can find seven different Dragon Balls. They differ from each other by the number of stars they have. We can find them at any time because they appear randomly throughout the server, and their number is dependent on the number of players. They fall on a random grid on the map, but only on Level 0 and Earth. The ball that appears is always unexpected, so we have a 1 in 7 chance of finding the one we want. Another way to get Dragon Ball is by making sagas, more info here.


The appearance of the ball is signaled by a change in the graphics located in the right corner of the mini-map, we will see the dragon ball, and after selecting it, we will see the following inscription. If someone finds the Dragon Ball or picks it up, the description will change, and the Dragon Ball will stop glowing.


After collecting all the Dragon Balls, which are 7 in total, we can summon Shenlong (click the balls in the backpack), who will grant us a wish of our choice. Dragon Balls available from making sagas can be combined with those found in the game, so if you’ve made a saga and missing a ball, see it or buy it from another player.


Eight wishes are available in the game, which we can choose for ourselves after summoning the dragon. Below I will describe each desire.

  1. Changing characters: We can change character class at any time during the game, skills are recalculated in terms of time spent improving them. After changing professions, improved techniques are transferred to other characters.
  2. Unlocking potential: Unlocks our transformation at level 350. Without this, we will not be able to transform.
  3. Willingness to Power: We can unlock two available upgrades to our techniques. We can check which ones by reading the description in the techniques tab.
  4. Unlocking Limits: We can open the skill level gain limit from level 99 to level 105 (This applies to all our skills).
  5. Unique item with the best bonuses: we can get things from level 100, and in addition, we have a chance to get Shinryu Set, and More DMG and Less DMG bonuses depend on our level.
  6. Healing Skin: A unique healing skin.
  7. Puar Skin: An amazing Puara skin.
  8. Skin Kinto: A particular skin for Kinto.