Return of the Saiyan

Mission Name:Desert Tomb
Reward:Chitin Legs, Ki Belt, 10k zeni
Required level:120
Monsters you may meet on the road:Skeleton, Mummy, Skeleton Warrior, Vampire, Mummy Charmer, Skeleton Charmer, Oozaru                                                                                                                                                        

Desert Tomb

We fly to the desert part of the map which is near Babidi’s ship.


We need to go to -3 as shown in the maps below


You have to be careful because after going down below you won’t be able to go back up and there are some monsters waiting for you.


We kill all the monsters, receive the quest, and leave. To leave, pull the lever on the right side, it will open a teleport on the left side. You can also go down for another quest (Imperialist Castle).


As a reward, we get: Chitin Legs, 100 Hundread Zenis, Ki Belt