Return of the Saiyan

Capsule Corb Tablet

We can find it by opening the Quest Pouch; it is the essential item in the game available from the beginning of our adventure.


Here we can find four different types of functions that our tablet performs when we click on it, and they are as follows: ROTSpedia, Current Task, Task History, and Capsule Coins. Below you will find a description of each of them.

1. ROTSpedia

It is a kind of Wikipedia of items, monsters or NPCs found in the game. You will find here information on such things as the amount of HP of monsters, received experience, items that fly out or even the use of individual things.

2.Current Task

Here, you can find active Tasks you have currently taken and information about how many of them you have killed and how many you have left. You can have up to 2 Tasks active simultaneously, and canceling one of them resets the kill count to 0.

3. Task History

Here is the History of the Task we have completed, along with the points received, exp and date of completion.

4. Capsule Coin

Many Capsule Coin points can be spent at the Npc Lab Warehouseman.