Return of the Saiyan

Capsule Coin

These are the points you get when doing a Task for Bio Tech Lab. Depending on the task, you will get different amounts of points. You will also get points for Daily Task.

Lab Warehouseman

We will buy various items from him, and the currency is Capsule Coin which I discussed earlier. We will purchase different Backpacks, Implants and Pill here. The list and price of each item can be found below. The essential things you can buy here are Implant because they permanently increase your Exp and stats.

Tyranosaur Backpack: 3cc
Capsule Corp. Case: 4cc
Spider Backpack: 5cc
Skeleton Backpack: 5cc
Oozaru Backpack: 5cc
Devil Backpack: 5cc
Capsule Corp. Backpack: 5cc
Qickness Pill: 3cc
Powerstrike pill: 3cc
Ironside pill: 2cc
Wiseman pill: 3cc
Scholar pill: 3cc
Elusion pill: 2cc
Rapidness pill: 2cc
Qickness Implant: 30cc
Powerstrike Implant: 25cc
Ironside Implant: 30cc
Wiseman Implant: 35cc
Scholar Implant: 15cc
Elusion Implant: 40cc
Rapidness Implant: 35cc