Return of the Saiyan


We can find her by going south from the side of the capsule. She is the most important character that we will visit very often. We will buy the items we need for discovering things and chests and produce keys, bangs and shovels from her. Even though she is very versatile, she will still need our help in a particular mission.


Buy Chest Renovator from her (needed to open Treasure Chest), Bonus Reveal Gadget 3, 4, 5 (required to discover bonuses in items), and Produce from her: Keys, Bands and Shovels. The exact list of things can be found below.

Stone Band: 24 Tyranosaur Fangs, 5 Dark Wolf Skin, 1 Pirate Sabre, 30 Crab Pincer
Iron Band: 5 Yataghan Sword, 5 Broken Gun, 3 Pterodactyl Wing, 10 Pterodactyl Beak, 15 Broken Sword, 3 Yao Fangs, 10 Vampire Tooth
Platinum Band: 30 Red Skin, 15 Devil Horn, 30 Volcanic Oozaru Fur, 50 Oozaru Foot, 50 Frozen Big Bone, 30 Frozen Bone,30 Golden Oozaru Fur
Wooden Shovel: 500 Zeni, 50 Wood
Shovel: 1000 Zeni, 15 Wood, 4 Screw, 5 Part Of Iron
Platinum Shovel: 1500 Zeni, 5 Wood, 20 Platinum Ore, 10 Screw
Bronze Treasure Key: 1200 Zeni, 5 Wood, 1 Bronze Ore
Silver Treasure Key: 2150 Zeni, 10 Wood, 2 Silver Ore
Golden Treasure Key: 12000 Zeni, 25 Wood, 5 Gold Ore, 3 Emerald
Platinum Treasure Key: 89000 Zeni, 100 Wood, 40 Platinum Ore, 3 Dino Bone, 5 Ruby
Diamond Treasure Key: 180000 Zeni, 250 Wood, 10 Bronze Ore, 10 silver Ore, 20 Gold Ore, 30 Platinum Ore, 10 Emerald, 10 Ruby, 20 Diamond