Return of the Saiyan

In the game up to level 80, we are protected. Still, after that level, we need Blessing. We have three types of Blessing available: PvP Blessing, PvE Blessing and Blessing Of Fortune, each of which we can purchase separately for an appropriate amount. Blessings are visible next to our character’s avatar, and if we have been given a Blessing, it lights up in a given color.

Blessing Of Fortune

It increases the chance of exceptional events appearing during the hunt, such as Support, Mimic Chest, Boss, and Fissure. We can purchase it from Npc Kami, who can be found in his palace just above the Korin tower, and blessing at his place will cost us Our Level x 1500 Zeni.


It can be found above Korin Tower, to get there we have to climb higher.

PvP Blessing

If we like fighting, it is essential protection for us because it will protect us from losing experience in case of death from another player. Blessing can be bought from Grand Elder NPC, who can be found on Namek planet. To get there, you need to be level 30 and have Premium Account, and the protection cost is our level x 100 Zeni.


It can be found to the left of the Capsule on Namek.

PvE Blessing

The last Blessing that protects us from loss of experience when fighting monsters is available for purchase from King Kai.

Protection from him will cost us our level x 500 Zeni.


We can find it in the middle of our planet. We can be transported there by Dabura in Hell, or we can go the way of the snake after death.