Return of the Saiyan

This guide is for all players beginning their adventure with Return Of The Saiyans. However, if you have any doubts, I also recommend looking at our FAQ, where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


First, we should train our skills, so we can go to 2 places.


The first place we can go to right after starting our adventure can be found in every city, and we can train all our skills there separately. For more information, here.
We train first skills that are glowing green.

Time Chamber

Our next option is to go to the Time Chamber to train all of your skills at once. More information is here.

Note: You need a level 50 ticket and 540 Stamina to enter. You can buy the ticket from Npc Mr. Popo, who you will find next to Npc Kami.

2. Capsule Corp. Tablet

There is a Tablet available in the game, which contains a lot of basic information and is very useful for a beginner. We can find their information about monsters in the game, items or activities Tasks. More information can be found here.

3.Taski-Bio Tech Lab

The next thing we should do is to start a mission for Bio-Tech Lab. For this purpose, we go to the +1 floor of Depo and talk to NPC Professor Oak. For Task, we will get experience and money, and in the future, for finishing it, we will get a lot of benefits. More information here. Tasks can be done in a group, so I recommend finding someone to party with and hunt together. More about the party system here

Capsule Coin

For completing the Task, we get points. Capsule Coins, which can be exchanged for fabulous prizes. Npc, where you can trade Capsule Coin, is Lab. Warehouseman, and we will find him +1 Depo. One of the rewards is pills and Implants, which can temporarily and permanently increase our stats and experience (more information here)

4. Daily Task

In-game, we will find a few quests, which we can do every day and for which we will get different rewards. More information here. First Daily Task we will take at level 1 from Npc Professor Tusk. You can find him south of depo in west town. More information about the location of NPC here

5. Hunter Squad

Another important thing at the beginning is starting a mission for the Hunter Squad because the items that we need to collect at the beginning fall out of the monsters that we have to kill within the Task Bio-Tech Lab. We kill two birds with one stone. Joining the Hunter Squad brings many benefits, from selling items at a higher price and buying things for healing to items that increase our experience or the ability to perform Daily Task Hunter Squad.

6. Senzu, Bandages and Food

Another critical issue in the game is the selection of food and healing items. In the game, we have a couple of NPCs who deal with selling such items.


There are different types of Senzu in the game, but we are interested in the ones available for purchase from Npc, namely Half Senzu Bean and Senzu Bean, and you can buy them from Npc Korin, whom you will find in his tower, namely Korin Tower.

Senzu Bean is an essential item that complements both HP and KI.

Bandages, Water and First Aid Kit

We can buy it after joining the Hunter Squad and doing some missions for them. They replenish a lot of HP and KI, and the Food purchased in the Hunter Squad increases the experience received by 2%.


Most available food in-game can be bought in every town. In-game, we have food that heals an endless number of HP and KI and food that heals a percentage of HP and KI. At the beginning of the game, I recommend focusing on food that heals an endless number of HP and KI and as the level increases switch to food that heals you by percentage.

Cranberry Cupcape

At Level 25, we can do the Grandma Paozu mission. We can produce Cranberry Cupcake upon completion by bringing 10 Cranberries to Grandma Paozu.

6. Kinto & Puar


In the game, there is a handy means of transport, which is Kinto, it’s a cloud on which we can fly, and we do it with much greater speed than if we had to go everywhere on foot, and besides, we can move between floors, so in the game, we can get to hard to reach places quickly.

Requirements to get Kinto is completing the Pure Heart quest. To top it, you need to be level 30 and have a Premium Account.


It is, in short, Loot Collector, a companion who will pick up items from the ground, so we do not waste our time. It is beneficial because, in addition to collecting items for us, it allows us to sort them in the backpack, making the game very easy. You can buy it in the in-game store for only 420 Gem, and you can use it at level 1. More information here.

7. Equipment

In the game we have basic equipment like Helmet, Armor, Legs, Boots and Weapons but also jewelry like Rings, Earrings, Amulet, Belt and Trinket. Equipment and jewelry have different stats and different level requirements.

Equipment apart from Armor or Attack can have up to 3 bonuses, which are divided into 5 levels of rarity: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 i Tier 5.
Jewelry is divided into Low, Medium, High, Unique.

Equipment and Jewelry can be obtained in various ways: Monster Fighting, Treasure Chest, Eventy, Misje, Market, Misje Dzienne, Mimic Chest


In the game, we can upgrade jewelry, to do this, we need to go to Rubio. To upgrade, we need three identical items, Money, Fire Opals and Trophies from monsters. You can find more information about upgrading here.

For upgrades to have a better chance of success, we need to put in materials when upgrading, namely Trophies from Monsters.

8.Treasure Chest & Dragon Ball

Treasure Chest

While exploring the map more than once, we will see mounds of sand, which we can dig out with a shovel. During the digging, we can get various things and even Dragon Ball. If we are successful, we will dig Treasure Chest, which hides more rewards. You can find more information here

Dragon Ball

Every now and then one Dragon Ball falls on the map in a random place, it can appear anywhere on level 0. There are 7 Dragon Balls, which differ from each other by the number of stars, after collecting all of them we can summon the Shenlong Dragon, who will fulfill one chosen wish for us more information here.


Team Fight Event

It is simply a team fight whose aim is to defeat as many members of the opposing team as possible. We can sign up for the event every day at 02:00, 09:00, 15:00, 20:00, 23:00 Polish time. We are waiting for our prizes and winning even more for participation in the event. More information about the event can be found here.

Monster Zone Event

The event is about surviving waves of monsters that will appear one after another. You can sign up for the event every day at 00:00, 03:00, 07:00, 13:00, 18:00, 21:00 Polish time. More information about the event can be found here.

10.Dimension Gate

Wandering around Earth, you can see a strange passage leading to the Underworld. You will find many Undead monsters and NPC Grim Reaper, from whom you can buy some items in exchange for Infernal Essence. More about Dimension Portal here.


During the fight with the monsters, Fissure can be resuspended, after attacking him, Slight Infernal Skeleton will be resuspended and will start shooting us immediately. The less HP Fissure has, the more monsters will respawn.

After killing Skeletons, we will get Infernal Essence which can be exchanged for various rewards at Npc Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper

We can find him behind the Dimension Portal and exchange Infernal Essence for various items.

11.Future Earth

In the game, there is an alternative version of the earth called Future Earth. We can find much stronger monsters and a completely different economy focused on fighting players because there are no penalties for killing. Despite the danger, hunting on it is more profitable because we get more experience and items, and our weapons can be 30% stronger. We can get there using Time Machine, but we need level 90. All Task Monsters are doubled on Future Earth, so hunting is worth hunting there. More information here.

12. Robotic Island

This is a unique island with many dangers lurking and benefits to be gained by exploring it. You will gain access to it after completing the first two rooms of the Bio-Tech Lab. More information about the island is here.

13. Antenna - Support

Throughout the Earth map, we can find Antenna, thanks to which, if it needs to be repaired, we can summon one of the four Support, each of which has a different role:

  • Medic – Every 10 seconds, gives us a shield that absorbs the damage we receive (according to the formula [level x 10]). The protection lasts 6 seconds.
  • Sniper – inflicts massive damage to one target.
  • Saper – lays mines on the ground that explode about 2-3 seconds after someone stands on them – mines deal area damage.
  • Commander – gives us 10% more experience points and attacks enemies.
14. Stream

A game has a unique reward system for watching or streaming. For example, we can connect our RotS account with the Twitch account and get special rewards while streaming, which will be helpful for every player. You can find more information here.

While streaming and watching every 15 minutes, we also have a chance to get a Twitch Box, from which various prizes are flying, and even a unique Heal Skin.