Return of the Saiyan

In-game, we can find four types of Bands. We can practice attack speed to a specific value for each of them. The better band, the higher level you can get. You can get them in two ways, the first is to buy from players, and the second is to create them at Npc Bulma. He will make it for us for free in exchange for necessary materials. A leather band can be obtained by doing the Dummer Duel quest. You can find more information here.

Leather Band

We can skil with it up to level 26.

Stone Bands

We can skil with it up to level 51.

Iron Bands

We can skil with it up to level 76.

Platinum Bands

We can skil with it up to level 105.

Bands - Where to Get

You will get Leather Band by completing Dummer Duel missions. You can produce the others and Npc Bulma.


Bulma will prepare three types of Bands for us if we bring her the appropriate materials: Stone, Iron, Platinum


Stone Band: 24 Tyranosaur Fangs, 5 Dark Wolf Skin, 1 Pirate Sabre, 30 Crab Pincer

Iron Band: 5 Yataghan Sword, 5 Broken Gun, 3 Pterodactyl Wing, 10 Pterodactyl Beak, 15 Broken Sword, 3 Yao Fangs, 10 Vampire Tooth

Platinum Band: 30 Red Skin, 15 Devil Horn, 30 Volcanic Oozaru Fur, 50 Oozaru Foot, 50 Frozen Big Bone, 30 Frozen Bone,30 Golden Oozaru Fur

Bands - How to train

Bands are used for training Attack Speed. We put it on instead of a weapon and have to hit a jumping dummy. During training, each round limits how much we can train. The better it is, the bigger it is.