Return of the Saiyan

Antenna - Support

There are 42 Antennas scattered around the map. Some of them are glowing and need to be repaired, and to do this. You need 30 Levels and 5% Energy

Once we find such an antenna and it is damaged, we can repair it and in return, we will get a Helper to help us.

How to repair an antenna?

The repair takes 5% of our energy. We click on it and wait for it to repair itself, then a window pops up to select a helper.


1. You can only have one helper.
2. each helper lasts 20 minutes.
3. When we get on kinto, it should not disappear, but the time to disappear goes on even though we are not using the helper.
4. if you log off, the helper disappears.
5. The helper has the same level as us (DMG increases with level).

Type of Support





Every 10 seconds, he gives us a shield that absorbs the damage we receive (according to the formula [level x 10]). The protection lasts for 6 seconds.

Deals massive damage to a single target.

Places mines on the ground explode about 2-3 seconds after someone stands on them. The mines deal area damage. Anyone can activate mine: player, monster and cougar.

It gives us 10% more experience points and attacks enemies.