Return of the Saiyan

Don’t know how to make money in the game or lack cash for equipment or new weapons? this guide is about players who are just starting out and want to make some money in the game. Here I share my ideas on how to earn money, it may vary depending on the situation on the server.

1. Capsule Coin

From the first level, we can earn Capsule Coins in the game, we get them for performing Tasks, and can exchange them for various items at the NPC Lab. Warehouseman, who can be found in the Depo on the 1st floor. We will also buy Implants here, which increase our skills permanently.

We buy Pills and put them on the market, we can earn even 50-80k per Capsule Coin.

Note: Most players are mainly interested in the Wiseman Pill and Scholar Pill, which increase the experience we gain.


If you’re worried that you won’t get any more Capsule Coin later on, you’re wrong, because after you finish the Tasks in the 4th room, you can do them indefinitely and get Capsule Coin.

2. Creature products

From most of the monsters in the game fly various items that we can sell at NPCs, but I would more recommend checking the price at the marketplace first, as many items are needed for missions, manufacturing or upgrading and can have a much higher value, not when even 20x more.


Before you put something on the market, check previous transactions on the market by clicking on Detail.

3. Robotic Island

After finishing 2 rooms of Tasks, we unlock access to Robotic Island where we can spend 30 minutes on every server reset. From the monsters there fly Pearls and items that players use to upgrade Jewelry and are often willing to pay a much higher price than they are worth at the NPC. We can open the pearls hoping to make the jewelry better or sell them at the marketplace.

For defeating a Boss on Robotic Island we get Boss Tokens, per day we can get 45 of them and after collecting 1500, we can pick up an item from Cyber Set, one of the most expensive items in the game!!!


At a low level, I recommend selling Pearls and items from Robotic Island, you can make money every day while gaining a lot of experience.

4. Treasure Chest

On the map, depending on the number of players, there are excavations that we can dig with a shovel and get a Treasure Chest so it’s a good idea to carry a shovel with us when moving around. You can make a shovel, at NPC Bulma, as well as get one from some missions. While digging, various items of value can fly out to us, as well as we have a chance to get Dragon Ball!!!

Every now and then it’s a good idea to fly over the map and see if there are any more digs, Modern Military Compass can help us by showing us if there are any nearby digs.


It is worth getting items that increase Movement Speed, we will then be able to move faster.

5. Dragon Ball

Every now and then, depending on the number of people on the map, a Dragon Ball will appear, we then start to see a ball glowing in the left corner of the mini-map, and it’s even worth it at this point to leave the hunt and go looking for it. They have a very high value and it may happen that we find more than one in one day, for which we can buy ourselves a lot of stuff.

Note: Dragon Ball can be anywhere at level 0 on Earth, so we need to watch carefully, as Dragon Ball emits a bright light like a beacon.


It is worth getting items that increase Movement Speed, we will then be able to move faster.

6. Future Orb

From every monster we find on Future Earth, we can get a Future Orb. Up to the 399th level of the monster, they fly ordinary, and above that level, we can get High Class. We can use them as Blessing, sell or trade them, they have a value of up to 25k for ordinary and 90k for High, and you can make a nice profit on them.

We will also get Orbs for completing the Daily Task on Drones, depending on our level we can get up to 21 Future Orbs and all the equipment we can sell at NPCs.


Do Daily Task on Drones every day, it only takes 15 minutes. Sell Orbs only at the market, depending on the current price.

7. Dungeon

Every day we can perform Dungeons, they reset every day after Global Save. Every time we go into a Dungeon, after defeating a Boss we will get a reward from the chest, from which we can get various rewards such as:
Best Jewelry, Pearls, Bio Set, Diamond Chest, 3x Tier 5 Items, and Trinket Stone as the main prize.

We also have a chance for additional Bosses to appear so there may be a situation where up to 5 rewards will be collected in one Dungeon.

We also get points for each Dungeon, which we can later exchange for various rewards, including the Bio Set, some of the best items in the game.


Let’s try to do dungeons in a party composed of different character classes to get the biggest experience bonus. The higher level we reach, the better rewards we will get.

8. Clan

Let’s try to join the Clan in the game, being a member of the Clan we have the opportunity to fight Guild Boss, as well as enjoy Clan bonuses such as an increased chance of Loot.

After killing a Boss, each participant in the fight, if he has done the appropriate damage, gets a reward and these are various items such as Pearls, Equipment, Diamond Chest, Skin for Puar, Trinket, and Item with bonuses to choose from.
The highest value items are Trinket, Skin to Puar, and Item with bonuses to choose from.
By owning a Clan, we will unlock various bonuses, and one of them is Loot, depending on the Clan upgrade it can be up to 10% more!!!


If you have a good team, it should take less than 10 minutes to kill the Bosses.

9. Events

Another way to make money is to attend events, two of which are available every few hours every day, namely Team Fight Event and Monster Zone Event.
From both events, we will get a lot of valuable items and we have a chance to get a Skin for Puar, for which we can get up to 40 million!!!

Next are the Events, which are held every 2 weeks for the Weekend, starting on Friday after the Global Save and ending on Monday also after the Global Save.

During these 3 days, we have a chance to really earn, because depending on the Event we can get bulk: Pearls, Equipment, Crates, and Lots of other rewards such as Skins for Puar, trinkets, or Backpacks.
Most of these items we can sell for not a little money.

Here we can find information about transactions and should base on this how much to sell an item for.


It is worth reserving some free time for the Events, which are held every two weeks because, in addition to gaining experience, we have a chance to earn a lot.

10. Shop

The last way to make money in the game is to buy Premium Coins, for which we buy Gems with real cash. We later put them on the market at a bargain price and enjoy the equipment of our dreams.

The fastest way as we lack money for an item in the game, and in addition, we support the development of the server 🙂


I recommend buying more Gems at a time because you get free extra quantities.