Return of the Saiyan

Advice for the beginner who is new to Return Of The Saiyans, here are some tips from a more experienced player for starting your adventure with the game.

1. Train your skills when you can

We have something like Training Stamina, it determines the amount of time we can spend training our skills, 1 minute regenerates in 144 minutes, and we can have a maximum of 10 minutes, or 600 seconds. Let’s try not to have a situation where we have the maximum value and do not develop.

Note: We first train the skills that glow green for us.


When we reach level 50, we can train in the Time Chamber, where we gain all the skills at once and in addition for 20 minutes. We can enter there if we buy a ticket and have 540 stamina.

2. Start task as soon as possible

In the game from the very beginning, we can do Tasks for CC Lab, they are divided into 4 rooms, and each next one we unlock by doing the previous one. After passing two rooms, we will unlock a special Robotic Island, where the experience is increased and from the monsters fly items needed for upgrading and from the bosses pearls and Bonus Reveal. We will also unlock the ability to buy one of the best equipment sets in the game!!!


Doing the Task yourself credits them 2x, if you do them for the future then 4x. If you are not able to do them yourself, find colleagues who also need to do them!!!

3. Use boosters

We have many items available in the game that temporarily or permanently increase our stats. To accelerate our development, we should use them when we have the opportunity to do so. Some increase the experience you gain, while others enhance damage or increase regeneration.


Using boosters, we are able to gain experience faster and more efficiently, we can, for example, increase the experience gained by about over 30%.

4. Check Daily Task

One of the activities in the game is Daily Task, these are activities that we can do every day, and two of them can be repeated indefinitely, the first one is from level 1. Every time we go to do Tasks or hunt, we can walk over to the NPC and see if we happen to have a mission on a particular monster. In the beginning, they don’t give much experience, but for each completion, we get one Boss Point, after collecting three we can fight a Boss and have a chance for cool rewards, and for defeating it we get a guaranteed Strange Crystal thanks to which we can enter Robotic Island.


You can take 6 missions at a time (3 on Earth and 3 on Future Earth), you don’t have to give them away at once, you can do them one by one with your colleagues, collecting points and experience.

5. Get started quickly Hunter Squad

The sooner we start working for the Hunter Squad, the better, as there are a lot of benefits from doing so, and later missions require us to wait up to a dozen hours. With Hunter Squad we will have access to items that increase experience, a special radar for kicks, or items for healing. We will also get a lot of experience in completing each mission.


Making a Hunter Squad is required to complete all Tasks and unlock the entire Robotic Island.

6. Search broken Antenna

Every time we go out hunting, we can look for a broken antenna beforehand and take a helper, it doesn’t cost too much time and can help us a lot depending on the situation. To fix an antenna, we need to find one that lights up and we need to have 5% Energy.


Choose a helper according to the situation, and what you need at the moment:

1. going to beat the Bosses and afraid you can’t handle it? Get a Medic
2. want to gain levels faster? Get a Commander
3. beating hordes of monsters and running out of DMG? Get a Sapper
4. Going to Robotic Island and wanting to beat up Bosses faster? Get a Sniper


7. Search for Dragon Balls and carry a Shovel

Every now and then, depending on the number of people on the map, a Dragon Ball will appear, then a ball in the left corner of the minimap will begin to glow for us, and it’s even worth it at this point to leave the hunt and go looking for it. They have a very high value and it may happen that in one day we find more than one, for which we can buy ourselves a lot of stuff.

Note: Dragon Ball can be anywhere at level 0 on Earth, so we need to watch carefully, as Dragon Ball emits a bright light like a beacon.

Flying around the map, we may come across mounds, it’s worth having a shovel with us in our backpack to dig them up, it doesn’t take much time, and we may get out many valuable things such as Dragon Ball. The shovel can be made at Npc Bulma and it doesn’t cost much in materials.


Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find Dragon Ball, a lot of people are looking for them just like you, but I guarantee that you will definitely find them sooner or later if you search for them systematically.

8. Don't sell everything at the NPC

Most of the items that fall from monsters have some use, most often we sell them to NPCs, in order to make a quick buck which is often a big mistake, because more than once selling this item to a player, we can earn up to 20x its value.
What if we do not know the value of the items?

This is where the option on the Detail marker comes to the rescue.

Here we can find information about transactions and should base on this how much to sell an item for.


If you don’t find the information on the marketplace or it’s too disparate, you can always take advice from players on Chat or ask any of the Tutors in the game.

9. Attend Events

Every couple of hours we have special Events available in the game, where you can get cool prizes at each level and a chance to get a very rare Puar Skin, which we can sell for big money.

In addition to rewards, we will get experience and PvP Points for participating in Team Fight for winning.


If you get lucky and get a Puar Skin, don’t sell it quickly, but check beforehand how much it might be worth at the moment.

10. Buy Premium and Puar

In the game, we have Premium Account and Puar to buy, both items I consider mandatory if we want to develop pleasantly in the game. Premium Account gives us a great many benefits such as Exp Boost, Kinto, House, Robotic Island, and Dungeon. Puar, on the other hand, raises items for us, which saves a great deal of time and increases our income many times over.


Buying both will pay us back, in not a whole two weeks of playing two hours a day, and in another two weeks, we will earn money for another set.