Return Of The Saiyans

Experience a fantastic adventure in the world of Return of the Saiyans, the best Dragon Ball-themed game with amazing graphics and storyline waiting for you!

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Gather Your Team

Find friends in the game to go hunting together with you. You have a better chance of survival in a team, and the hunts can get more challenging and the rewards better, so don’t waste time and join a team!

Meet the Future

Get ready for a trip to the future, find a time machine, travel back in time, and see what the earth will look like shortly. Maybe you can change its course and save it from its doomed fate.

Join the Hunter Squad

Hunter Squad is recruiting! Visit Hunter Squad officers and go through the recruitment process. Complete missions and you may be promoted to a particular rank that will give you special privileges.

Explore the World

Explore the wonderful world of Return of the Saiyans. Experience adventure in a world created for fans and felt the atmosphere of this world. Discover its charms and overcome obstacles that appear on your way.

Become one of the Warriors


The best character for PvP. He is swift, has strong melee attacks and is deadly to others. If you love to compete with other players, Trunks is made for you.


A strong tank, but not the toughest. He has a good attack and interesting PvP skills. If you like to play tank and deal damage, this is your character.


He is an ideal character to play alone. He has a strong defense and a good amount of offense, is a versatile character on the team and is very good for ensuring the back of the group.


He has the highest attack in the game and performs well in PvP, but he doesn't have much defense. This is a perfect character if you like significant damage at the expense of low survivability.


A good character for those who like to play solo. He has a good attack and defense, but nothing else stands out. His most significant advantage is that he can restore his Ki.


He can heal and support the entire team. He is the only character in the game who can resurrect the dead and save someone from imminent death.


Buu is the most formidable tank. He has a good defense and strong healing but shallow attack. He is suitable for team play but not for solo play.


Excellent support that strengthens the team and a decent tank that can take a lot, perfect PVP character in terms of team support.

"Return of Saiyan is one of the best Dragon Ball-themed games in recent years. The game is focused on open world and PvP."